About The Good Prince

​Lady April is a well-known F/F author who, assisted by the humble Good Prince, helped found a series of self-published conventions where creators can sell their work and thrive. This writer may be an expert at portraying love on the page, but what do they do when they encounter a not-so-storybook romance of their own?

The Good Prince originally launched in December of 2008 on Smack Jeeves. Mental and physical health complications forced an update hiatus from 2011 to 2016, but the comic will be completed despite any hurdles. Intended finished length is one volume, seven chapters.

Comic intended for ages 16 and up for discussion of sexual themes and some light nudity in later chapters.


About the Author

Denise attended the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design for 3 years for Illustration and has been drawing seriously for almost 20 years now. She is the creator of Sparkler Monthly’s Before You Go short comics, as well as the collection of Paradox short stories and Conquest on Smack Jeeves. She currently lives in Westminster, CO with her spouse.