Hey there, folks!

Thank you so much for your patience these past couple of months!

I ended up taking September off to recoup from deadlines and conventions, which was nice (I played an awful lot of Stardew Valley!), but then October got lost in a bad bout of mental health issues. Things seem to be balancing back out again, but it prompted me to start seeking help for my anxiety and I think I’ll be much better equipped if things dip back into a depression-anxiety spiral again.

For those of you interested in owning a copy of the first Good Prince graphic novel, now you can! Both print and digital copies are available in my Gumroad shop. There’s only 8 copies available in print, so grab one now if you want it!

Anyway, I HAVE started on thumbnails for chapter 4 and would like to start updating again in December, but definitely New Years if that’s not possible.

Thanks again for waiting while I figure things out, and here’s to more comic coming soon!